Movie Review Unindian 2016 : –

Following is a list of some stereotypical elements that are supposedly evident in the Indian diaspora.

Overbearing Indian Parents, Indian Culture Rhetoric, Holi, Matrimony Market, Usage of the words Gora & Firangi, Love at First Sight, Complexion talks, Indian Community, Salman Khan, Bollywood, Dancing, Aunties & Uncles, Poojas, Namastes, Curry, Chilly, Spicy food, Toilet Humour, Spiritual Baba, Astrology.

Take all of these possible Indian stereotypes and combine them with all the possible Australian stereotypes. (Except for Mate, Good Day, Whacker, Tosser and a few others, we cannot make a laundry list unlike its Indian counterpart, as the movie Unindian is more Indian than anything else). Set this mash up in a city in Australia and you have Unindian. No need to douse it with cheese as the cheesiness oozes out by itself.

An Indian origin Australian divorcee & single mother, Meera leads a successful, independent life. She finds love in Will Henderson, who teaches a course on Aussie English (Why? For a lesson on blending) to international students in a university. This, despite the pressure from her parents to find a suitable Indian boy.

Director : Anupam Sharma
Cast : Brett Lee, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurana, Maya Sathi, Arka Das and Gulshan Grover.